A response to the question that is constantly asked of me:

 « What is your objective in life? »  I had to take a moment to respond, such a question is a Catch-22, as they say!

But what the person who asked me that question didn’t realize was that he set me on a life path that was not to be traditional in any way, nor with any single or primary traditional « objective », which to me implies a one-shot goal that, when terminated or achieved, leaves the « perpetrator » with nothing left to work for or to seek !

In point of fact, my life has been extremely rich and far more fulfilling than had I had An Objective:     

I have set myself to constantly responding to the curiosity and joy in learning (in all possible and diverse avenues) that are mine. This means that I have had one of those hard to follow (because associative not linear) career and life patterns. It is also why I named one of my businesses « Destination Growth.“  The „path less traveled“ is the one I have always followed, not out of perversity or rebelliousness, but because there were always new growths on new specimens to be discovered, and indeed, „it has made all the difference.“

When I speak of growth it doesn’t concern corporate financial or production growth or an increase in my net worth. It is a question of continually reaching out and understanding more to provide greater intellectual and emotional assistance to those who come within my purview, whether they be corporate presidents, the white or blue collar workforce or the artists with whom I work in the gallery.

I often work in several directions at a time. For example, at the moment I am both a gallery director and curator of works, as well as a corporate and personal development coach. The two are linked by my writing and art expertise and my use of art as a systemic tool in coaching. My fondest hope is to constantly use my gifts and tools to help others and myself grow out of old molds and into new paradigmes which are more open and creative.

Nyuka Anaďs Laurent, Gallery Director and Curator, Corporate Coach